the future of school

679 ViewsAttractive and structured , AMANA  courses are written by teachers with higher education qualifications. They take up the skills bases of National Education.  They allow the constant progress of the student in his learning and achievements. Each child benefits from privileged follow-up at AMANA. Giving meaning also means knowingContinue Reading

children out of school

620 ViewsIn this article we analyze dropouts in primary education in Senegal using generalized hierarchical models using data from a longitudinal survey from 1996 to 2001 and a retrospective survey from 2003 on the households of the same pupils. . The results show the highest exposure to the risk ofContinue Reading

succeed in school

570 Views  The role of parents in the academic success of children is undeniably crucial. By staying informed and providing our teenagers with the necessary support and listening, and although they are often at this time of their life in search of independence, we can help them shine in theirContinue Reading

writing platform

501 Viewsit, you’re embarking on the great adventure of writing a book . Well done, but have you considered using a writing platform? You should seriously consider this option, as it’s a great way to dive into the world of romance. A writing platform is a real assistant for author,Continue Reading


377 ViewsTeachers and parents are doing everything to ensure that distracting smartphones do not affect students’ education. In addition, these devices find their usefulness in the classroom where students can perform school activities with ease and concentration through a classroom application. This article introduces you to 12 of the bestContinue Reading

science fun for your children

263 ViewsThe good news for parents is that science comes naturally to young children. Toddlers are constantly experimenting, whether it’s dropping objects, splashing around in their bath or rolling their ball: all of these activities allow them to explore and get to know the world around them. surrounded. Even ifContinue Reading

International Schools

430 ViewsPrivate school, public school, international school? The choice can be very difficult. Maybe you have already made up your mind or are still trying to find the right answer for your family. This is not an easy task, as there are several paths leading to higher education. The heavinessContinue Reading

high school

379 ViewsAs a teenager, your child seeks independence and seeks to assert his personality. This can lead to different reactions, usually seen during high school. However, this phase should not have a negative impact on the evolution of his school curriculum. Your role will be to accompany him to passContinue Reading

screen writing software

382 ViewsWriting contests are a great way to break into the industry, gain access to opportunities you might not otherwise have, and even earn some cash! Are you a writer looking to make money from writing contests? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a list of writing contestsContinue Reading