Which writing platform to choose?

writing platform

it, you’re embarking on the great adventure of writing a book . Well done, but have you considered using a writing platform? You should seriously consider this option, as it’s a great way to dive into the world of romance. A writing platform is a real assistant for author, whether novice or expert. Discover our selection of the many writing platforms available on the internet.

Advantages and specificities of each of them, we tell you everything Why use a writing platform? Nothing could be “simpler” than getting down to writing. All you need is a computer and some word processing software or, for those who work the old-fashioned way, a pen and some sheets of paper! A writer only needs his imagination, his creativity and his style to write a text.

He doesn’t even need his hands anymore, thanks to voice dictation software . However, that is not entirely true… If the only indispensable tool of the author is his talent, there are many others to make his life easier. Writing platforms have become widespread on the web in recent years. This software proposes to help writers to work and offers them many services.

Here are the main ones: A place of sharing You don’t have a literary agent to give you his opinion? Several text writing sites allow you to communicate with other authors and with readers. This is the perfect opportunity to gather valuable advice as well as the opinion of the community. These platforms are built much like social networks that allow interaction with fans of literature and writing.

A writing assistant The specificity of some writing software is to simply help you write. This can go through writing advice, but also through tools to get better organized. Selecting chapters, sorting ideas , helping to design your characters…

The list is long. In addition, writing software offers much more interesting layout options than those of simple word processing software. A source of inspiration Some writing platforms give you very useful ideas. Choice of the name of the characters, of the era, solutions of enigmas… Regardless of the genre of your manuscript, you can get help when your imagination fails you.

 It is not at all “cheating” but rather a support for creativity . A very useful workout Finally, online writing sites allow you to practice writing. Some offer playful and interesting writing exercises to develop your pen. Others regularly offer contests or challenges to confront you with other authors.

 Above all, it’s a way of encouraging you to write on a daily basis and reveal the best of yourself. Of course, each writing platform is special and offers you different services. “Writing, all writing, remains audacity and courage. And represents an enormous amount of work” “Writing, all writing, remains audacity and courage.

 And it’s a huge job.” “Writing, all writing, remains audacity and courage. And represents a huge amount of work” – Michèle Mailhot, Quebec woman of letters

What is the best writing platform? It is impossible to list all the writing platforms exhaustively: there are too many. However, here are some of the most famous and appreciated by authors to meet their readers. Wattpad It is probably one of the most famous writing platforms.

A site like Wattpad brings together millions of readers around the world (65 million active users per month in 2018). It was created in 2006 by two Canadians who wanted to give a space for creativity and free expression to all those who love to read and write.

 Authors can post their story here and readers can read hundreds of novels or short stories for free, online or offline through the app. All genres are represented:

romance, science fiction, thriller, fantasy, life story… It’s a great way to help writers grow through reader feedback . Indeed, everyone has the opportunity to comment on a story, whether in terms of style, narration or scenario. Some stories become real sagas whose next chapter is eagerly awaited by the reading community.

Did you know that Anna Todd’s famous “After” fan fiction was born on Wattpad? Readers adored this writer-inspired love story by one of One Direction’s singers.

 Since then, the novel has been published in hard copy and has broken sales recor

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