192 ViewsScience is one of the most significant subjects in a child’s academic career. They will encounter and learn about many areas of Science as the years go. In addition, there are numerous possible careers that students can pursue. However, because Science has so many subfields and, throughout time, developsContinue Reading

Crack the SSC Exam

205 ViewsPreparing for the SSC (Staff Selection Commission) exam requires a systematic approach and effective strategies. One essential component of your preparation is taking mock tests. Mock tests simulate the actual exam conditions and help you assess your knowledge and identify areas that require improvement. This article will discuss someContinue Reading

scientifiques faciles

462 ViewsDo you want to do special activities with the children? Why not do (or even several!) that will allow them to learn while having fun! Here are lots of easy experiments to do at home! Create a beautiful elephant toothpaste blast with a few simple ingredients! Fun guaranteed forContinue Reading

the future of school

377 ViewsAttractive and structured , AMANA  courses are written by teachers with higher education qualifications. They take up the skills bases of National Education.  They allow the constant progress of the student in his learning and achievements. Each child benefits from privileged follow-up at AMANA. Giving meaning also means knowingContinue Reading

children out of school

345 ViewsIn this article we analyze dropouts in primary education in Senegal using generalized hierarchical models using data from a longitudinal survey from 1996 to 2001 and a retrospective survey from 2003 on the households of the same pupils. . The results show the highest exposure to the risk ofContinue Reading

succeed in school

322 Views  The role of parents in the academic success of children is undeniably crucial. By staying informed and providing our teenagers with the necessary support and listening, and although they are often at this time of their life in search of independence, we can help them shine in theirContinue Reading

writing platform

214 Viewsit, you’re embarking on the great adventure of writing a book . Well done, but have you considered using a writing platform? You should seriously consider this option, as it’s a great way to dive into the world of romance. A writing platform is a real assistant for author,Continue Reading


199 ViewsTeachers and parents are doing everything to ensure that distracting smartphones do not affect students’ education. In addition, these devices find their usefulness in the classroom where students can perform school activities with ease and concentration through a classroom application. This article introduces you to 12 of the bestContinue Reading