Why online education is not the future of school

the future of school

Attractive and structured , AMANA  courses are written by teachers with higher education qualifications. They take up the skills bases of National Education.  They allow the constant progress of the student in his learning and achievements.

Each child benefits from privileged follow-up at AMANA. Giving meaning also means knowing how to identify different student profiles and provide  clear arrangements  : differentiated pathways, remediation or DYS arrangements. AMANA meets everyone’s needs. Regular schedules are adapted to the requirements of each family.

Help for controlled families

Families are supported in the procedures relating to the IEF (family education):

a pedagogical control simulation  to best prepare children who need it

 family information meetings

All AMANA courses are conducted  online  with qualified teachers. They are delivered on a virtual platform including  live video, whiteboard, and microphone . The strengths of connected classes:

small groups of students

AMANA thus overcomes the constraints of a traditional correspondence course. The children can talk with the teacher but also with each other  to learn together.

A dedicated team

AMANA  pays particular attention to contact with families .

The educational adviser accompanies you as soon as you receive the pre-registration form and throughout the year. Procedures that facilitate communication:

teacher-parent partnership;

parent-teacher meetings, and the sending of  clear and explicit skills  booklets.

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