10 expériences scientifiques faciles

scientifiques faciles

Do you want to do special activities with the children? Why not do (or even several!) that will allow them to learn while having fun! Here are lots of easy experiments to do at home!

Create a beautiful elephant toothpaste blast with a few simple ingredients!

Fun guaranteed for young and old! The foam produced is non-toxic so children can have fun discovering the texture of the foam as much as they want without any danger!


Heat your water until it boils. Pour the water into the glass bottle up to a third. Put a plate on top and wait a minute or two. Then, add the ice cubes to the plate and watch what happens: drops of water will form on the sides of the bottle, like rain!

Fill the bottle with water and put in several drops of dish soap. Close the bottle tightly and shake it vigorously, and voila! You can use small plastic potties for kids to walk around with their mini tornado and show off to their neighborhood friends!

static electricity

A really interesting activity to do with the youngest to explain to them how lightning is created!

Ask the children to experiment with the different items. You can gather the confetti or the scraps of paper on a non-metallic surface, then run the comb through your hair for about 2 minutes before approaching the comb to the confetti on the table. We can also rub the balloon on our head or with the piece of felt before sticking it to the wall!

Show your kids how plants absorb water through the roots and distribute it to the tips of the leaves with this fun experiment!

Pour about  cup of water into each glass. Add food coloring of different colors to each glass and mix with the celery sticks. Observe the difference the more time passes!

This original experiment shows children that plants, which need light to survive, are attracted to light despite all obstacles!

Cut a large hole on one end of the shoebox. Be sure to block any other light sources with tape. Cut the 2 cartons to half the size of the shoebox and the same height. Glue these pieces of cardboard to the sides of the shoebox to separate the box into 3 tiers. Place the plant at the bottom of the box, make sure it has enough water and close the box tightly before leaving it in the sun. Wait 4-5 days before opening the box to see the awesome results!

Here is an original and fun way to explain the principle of density to children by creating a pretty 7-storey column of different liquids!

Measure 8 ounces of each liquid. If you have any, you can color the different liquids with food coloring to achieve a really impressive result. Slowly pour the liquids, one at a time, into the graduated cylinder using the turkey baster. It’s important to pour the liquids gently and make sure not to touch the sides, but to keepthe jet in the center of the cylinder.

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