How to help your teenager succeed in high school?

high school

As a teenager, your child seeks independence and seeks to assert his personality. This can lead to different reactions, usually seen during high school. However, this phase should not have a negative impact on the evolution of his school curriculum. Your role will be to accompany him to pass this course. In fact, the commitment and presence of parents have a considerable influence on a teenager’s chances of success.

There are many ways to show your child that you are as invested in their success as they are. Your support will mainly concern his health, his emotional well-being and his social development. The actions to be taken are simple, such as ensuring that your teenager has breakfast before leaving for high school.

Instead of imposing your ideas on him, choose to create routines with him. To limit online distractions, opt for a general rule valid for the whole family. Also favor an exclusive relaxation time on the weekend to decompress. If possible, attend school events that are important to him. However, you should not switch to the type of parent constantly brooding its young. In some situations, your teen has to deal with them to grow.

Create a neutral communication space

It is important that your teenager finds in you a confidant, an attentive ear to his problems. This involves establishing a climate of trust based on dialogue, without value judgments or preconceived ideas. Never minimize a moment of distress or joy for him. If you want to advise him, always put yourself in his shoes, like the teenager you once were.

How would dialogue make him succeed in high school? Be aware that relationship problems with his friends or teachers can disturb him. A relationship of complicity with him will allow you to detect this problem and solve it quickly. You will not have to play the role of investigator, which risks leading you to erroneous unilateral interpretations.

Establishing a teenager-friendly organization

Attention, it is not a question of programming its activities and its revisions in order to impose them on him. Rather, the goal is family planning to help your child achieve their academic goals.

To achieve this, keep in mind that every teen is different. A review method that is effective for one person is not automatically effective for another. It is therefore useless to make any comparison on the speed of learning. Instead, take the time to learn about different plans and then test them until you find the right trick. Make sure the process happens naturally, so your teen doesn’t feel pressured. Such a situation would cause stress and anxiety, both of which are harmful to concentration.

Is your teenager having difficulty assimilating their lessons? His exam average is drastically down? Instead of blaming him immediately, it is better to take a step back in order to analyze the root of the problem. Sometimes parents think that by the high school stage their child should be fully capable of learning independently. You should know that this is not systematic.

Some adolescents need sustained follow-up. Thus, if you are able to enlighten him in relation to a subject, untie his blockages with him. Otherwise, there is still the possibility of enrolling them in refresher courses. The most important thing is to let him know that this situation does not mean that he is incompetent. A teenager who knows that his parents trust him will be more motivated .

Congratulate your teen on their progress

A teenager often displays an air of detachment from the appreciation of his parents. Don’t be fooled, it’s not. Words of encouragement are always welcome. Write down each success he shares with you and express your satisfaction. Appreciate especially the way in which he progressed. Congratulating your teenager is meant to let him know that you have noticed and valued his efforts. It’s not about flattering your ego.

After that, refrain from asking the progress of his classmates or certain teenagers in the family. In the same vein, avoid dangling in front of him the achievements of others. The notion of success is subjective. As parents, you have an obligation to make this clear to your teenager. Of course, competition can energize some while stressing others.

Discover his orientation with him

It is understandable that every parent has high aspirations for their child’s future. It even happens that the profession he will exercise is already established in advance. The temptation to decide for him then becomes strong, but do not give in to it.

A teenager who knows the job he will be doing from high school will determine the path to follow. If he is still undecided, show him that you are ready to help, especially through rich discussions. Why not list together the areas that interest him? You can then search for interesting courses and establishments, for example. On the other hand, you are not in a position to decide on the question. For this, it is best to refer your teenager to a guidance counselor .

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